Today, Dutch hardcore upstarts PRESSURE PACT premiere their debut album “Scared Off the Streets” at No Echo! Here in its entirety exclusively HERE!

The Humanimalistic raw energy of PRESSURE PACT’s debut album “Scared Off the Streets” is as uncompromising as their attitude: fuck-off driven and ready to cause some serious havoc!

Their filthy tones, fierce riffs and raging compositions have seeded them as one of today’s most punishing acts in the Dutch Hardcore Punk scene. They’re a powerful storm of aggression, gaining more reasons to be pissed off with every note they play, and stab you in the neck with a broken bottle.

”Scared off the Streets” has taken PRESSURE PACT’s stomping sound to a new level that not only punishes the listener with audible warfare, but also feeds them adrenaline with hooks and hard-hitting riffs. This is something that isn’t new to the the underground scene of The Netherlands, Belgium and the UK after they left both stages and the faces wrecked of punks, skins and even some metalheads at their vicious live shows.

PRESSURE PACT rages with an intense primitive rage channeling the no-nonsense Boston hardcore sound of the 80’s with a dose of Oi!, D-beat and everything in between, as long as it’s fierce, raw and remorseless. Following a highly revered and sought after limited 12” EP through Wolves of Hades & Huminmaal, these two bestial labels have once again teamed up together for their debut album, which will be released on December 6th 2019 by Wolves of Hades on vinyl and Humanimaal on cassette!

Head over to Wolves of Hades‘ Bandcamp to listen to the new songs “Waste of Boredom” and “Small Talk” HERE!

Album release shows:

December 6 – Tilburg (Ladybird Skatepark)
December 7 – Amsterdam (OCCII)
December 8 – Antwerp (Onder Stroom)